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Paypal scamIf you receive an email telling you that your PayPal is being charged by us itís a scam, We do not take PayPal. Forward it to spoof@paypal.com and please do not call us. Itís not from Riverbank Armory. .

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PHONE: (209) 869-5576, We do NOT take Pay pal read below. Do not call us with your pay pal problems. If you think youíve received a suspicious email or have been directed to a fake website, forward it to spoof@paypal.com. Thank you.
FAX: (208) 441-1354

Attention...We do NOT take Pay pal. If you got an email telling you that your pay pal has been charged by us please forward it to Spoof@paypal.com. It is NOT from us. Do not call us with your pay pal problems. We do not have a paypal account and we do not and can not charge your pay pal account. Thank you. Due to the nature of our warehouse, we do not accept "walk-in" customers. We do business solely over the internet (mail order) . We do NOT carry parts for the namebrand "Universal" Please don't call, We NEVER had parts for this namebrand. We don't know who would have parts for these so please don't call just to ask. Universal was the worst carbine ever made and we don't have parts for them and we don't have time to talk about them. We have GI parts for GI carbines.

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These rifles don't just look great... They are also great shooters.

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